About us

Our Objectives

We are

  • To identify potential business and companies in current and future economy.
  • To invest in potential business in the right time and right volume.
  • To maximize firm’s shareholders’ return and minimize risk.

Our values,

  • People First:We maintain a great workplace environment where people are inspired to deliver their best.
  • Diversified Portfolio:We work to bring portfolios with diversified financial products thatsatisfy investors with different investment.
  • Maximum Profit: Maximize long-term return of our shareholders’ balancing between risk andreturn while being responsible to the economy and ethical in operation.
  • High Productivity: Be a dynamic and effective organization.
  • Strong Foundation: Be an organization investing in fundamentally strong stocks, not speculativestocks and therefore work as founder of efficient capital market in Bangladesh.
  • Knowledge Center: Knowledge creating and sharing about the market efficiency and market insights.

Our Investment Policy,

The bases of our success are in looking at investments through different lens. At VIPB Asset Management Companies, investment decisions are made based on comprehensive research and thorough assessments of the corporate governance practices and the management of the company. We look for companies with long-term growth and stability, a proven track record, shareholder oriented management and a share price that is trading below our estimated underlying value. Key drivers of our long-term performance are value-oriented investment strategies. We expect these factors to continue to be key drivers of strong, risk-adjusted returns over the upcoming years as well.

Our investment approach seeks to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns through differing economic and market cycles, while always retaining a sharp focus on the preservation of our clients' capital. We have a strong history of insightful security selection based on fundamental analysis and in-depth research. With the insights from our highly qualified investment professionals, we assemble security specific fundamental analysis and our top-down macroeconomic view. Our investment professionals have the expertise, dedication and experience to make insightful investment decisions, while being committed to the principle that in every action we take.We will always be guided by the long-term best interests of our investors.