About us


At VIPB Asset Management Company Limited, we have been investing and managing funds on behalf of our investors since 2011.

Our team is composed of leaders and innovative thinkers. From our focus on prudent wealth management to exceptional client service and low risk value investment portfolios, we look after our investors in a way that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd. Our investment professionals are of top class academic background with professional experience and ethical standards. We believe in value investments which consists of building portfolios based on our unique company specific analysis and macroeconomic research and introducing new strategies before they are in vogue.

We are completely performance focused and we set our investment strategies with the maximum delivery to the investors in our mind. We have been proved effective & efficient in our strategies as the investors kept confidence intact in us. After the biggest market crash in 2010, we managed to deliver high returns to the investors even in the highly depressive market. It was possible only because, investors comes first in each of our strategies.

This is what makes us unique. This is what sets us apart.